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Web Design on Wix

Our main target audience are entrepreneurs and small sized businesses looking to augment their success by enhancing their online presence with beautifully executed and functional design solutions without sacrificing user experience.


SEO is crucial for any website therefore have no doubt, we will always integrate this into your web design. Your site will be optimised and set up for Google and ready for further SEO.


A responsive Mobile site is a necessity for your Web design solution. Your site will be optimised for both mobile and tablet screens alike.


Whether you are looking for an ecommerce solution, a simple landing page or anything in-between, our design tools allow us to implement any functionality you may require, optimised and responsive.


No two brands are identical, it is for that reason that your web site is no exemption. Your design will begin from scratch, never based on a template. Your site will represent your brand to the letter, nothing less.


Velo by wix ( Wix Code ) is a full stack development that empowers web designers to rapidly create dynamic content using databases in turn allowing us to add limitless functionality to your site.


Just because a project has been completed, that by no means an end to our support and advice. Not to mention, should we not be available, Wix has a 24/7 support system in place to meet your needs.


Our Eco-Friendly Approach

Receive a Gift That keeps Growing. 

For each project we complete we will have a tree planted on your behalf in the Scottish Highlands, which in time will transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland, helping to restore the Caledonian Forest. 

A Look Into

The Importance of Web Design

An Eco-Friendly Approach to Web Design

Brand Image & First Impression 

A website is a reflection of your brand, therefore with that in mind it is important that it sets a good impression for your target audience. Due to customers forming an opinion in mere seconds it is important to leave a lasting positive effect within this time frame.

Enhanced Customer Service

Your audience will be able to gain an insight into how you will treat them by exploring your website. A lack of effort into the design of your site will give your target audience the assumption you won't deliver value for their investment.

Provides an Edge Over Competitors

Your competitors are most likely already utilising web design therefore if you want to outperform and attract more customers, you must take your time to invest in a website design that outclasses theirs. The aim is to show potential customers why your services are better than those of your competitors.

Our Approach

Your Brand Strategy

We won't fit your desired outcome into a template, instead taking our time to gain an insight to your brand, understand your goals and objectives and tailor your project for your brand.


A Win For Wildlife

Do You have a Green Initiative? 

Let us know if and how you and or your business help the Environment and we will provide you with a custom tailored offer. As a bonus, we will make a donation to WWF on your behalf.

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