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Logo Design

A logo is critical for brand recognition as it serves not only as the face of your brand identify but as a symbol your customers will associate with your company. Being the face of you brand, this first impression works instantly to portray what services you have to offer.


For any logo it is imperative that it you have access to various high quality files that can be used for multiple purposes, including for use on a website, social media, branding etc.


You will receive business card design and stationary designs featuring the logo. Covers for social media will also be included.


Logo ownership is important, and unfortunately this is often not made clear. We believe that our clients should have the right to freely use their logo under any circumstances and with no restrictions.


Our Eco-Friendly Approach

Receive a Gift That keeps Growing. 

For each project we complete we will have a tree planted on your behalf in the Scottish Highlands, which in time will transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland, helping to restore the Caledonian Forest. 

First Impressions Are Everything

Logo design is essentially the face of your brand therefore it is important it sets a memorable first impression to potential customers. This first impression is your way to immediately communicate what services you have to offer or the niche you dominate.

Reveals & Builds Brand Identity

Whilst true, that logo design is only one part of a company's brand, it is the pivotal foundation which your brand is built around. All the elements that go into a Logo are determined by the story you're trying to sell, and your logo sets the stage for said story.

Distinguishable From the Competition

Your brand identify should strive to be one of a kind, therefore you need to make sure your logo design is just as unique too. It is important to stand out and show your customers why your company is unlike your competitors - you're better.

A Look Into

The Importance of Logo Design

An Eco-Friendly Approach to Web Design

Our Approach

Your Brand Strategy

We won't fit your desired outcome into a template, instead taking our time to gain an insight to your brand, understand your goals and objectives and tailor your project for your brand.


A Win For Wildlife

Do You have a Green Initiative? 

Let us know if and how you and or your business help the Environment and we will provide you with a custom tailored offer. As a bonus, we will make a donation to WWF on your behalf.

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