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About Us


Do You Have a Green Initiative?

Friend-Eco Web Design was founded on the philosophy that a website should be more than an online presence. It is our aim to augment your businesses success by bringing your vision online, creating an atmosphere that leaves both a meaningful and memorable impression.

Today, digital activity is responsible for 2% of the planet's CO2 emissions. At Friend-Eco Web Designs we will have a tree planted for every project we create, no matter how big or small. whilst giving you an online presence, we also give something back, a gift to you that keeps growing.

As you website continues to grow, as will a tree planted on your behalf in the Scottish Highlands, which In time will transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland, helping to restore the Caledonian Forest.

Our web design, Logo design, and Social Media projects help us to plant trees, advocating sustainable design.

Let us know if and how you and or your business help the Environment and we will provide you with a custom tailored offer. As a bonus, we will make a donation to WWF on your behalf.

Regardless whether you have a tree planted in the Scottish Highlands or a donation made to WWF on your behalf, you will receive an online certificate acknowledging your contributions to supporting nature and wildlife.

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